Juventus vs Olympiacos Prediction 27 September 2017
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Juventus vs Olympiacos Prediction 27 September 2017

Tournament: Champions League
Location: Allianz Stadium
Match date: 27.09.2017 at 19:45

On September 27 2017 at 19:45 in the upcoming regular game of the 2nd round of the UEFA Champions League group stage at the Allianz Stadium in Torino the local Juventus will be visited by the Greece Olympiacos.

Juventus have already played seven games since the beginning of the season. Six of them were played in the national championship and the last one in the Champions League. In the Italian Serie A Juventus won all of their matches while the result of the Champions League first round was really unexpected. The away match against the Spanish Barcelona didn’t bring them any points. Even though the Old Lady looked just as strong as Barcelona they still lost 3:0 in the end.

As for Olympiacos, the beginning of the current season was one of the worst ones during the last few years. In the latest games Olympiacos lost to AEK 3:2 and it prolonged their winless series to make it three matches long already. In the first round game of the Champions League Olympiacos didn’t gain a single point either. In the first half of that match against the Portuguese Sporting Olympiacos conceded three goals in the first half. In the second half they managed to score twice and yet they lost in the end.

Juventus and Olympiacos have already played six games against each other in their history. In those games Juventus won more times, in fact. Last time they met was in 2014. Olympiacos won 1:0 in the first leg game and after that Juventus won 3:2 in the second one. Juventus are the strongest team of the Italian championship now which they proved in their latest match in the Torino derby 4:0. We think that the hosts are going to win confidently in the upcoming match.