SPAL vs Crotone Prediction 1 October 2017
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SPAL vs Crotone Prediction 1 October 2017

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: Paolo Mazza Stadium
Match date: 01.10.2017 at 14:00

On October 1 20107 at 14:00 in the upcoming regular game of the 7th matchday of the  Italian Serie A in Ferrara at the Paolo Mazza Stadium the local SPAL will play against their guests Crotone.

SPAL only manage to stay above the relegation zone due to the results of their matches played at the very beginning of the season. In September the performance of the team got much worse. Of course, three of their four competitors in that month were the favorites of the league and probably that's why they lost. Since September 10 SPAL lost to Inter 2:0, Cagliari 0:2, Milan 0:2 and Napoli 2:3.

The impressive series Crotone showed at the end of the previous season let Crotone avoid relegation. Anyway, they can hardly find any motivation at the beginning of the new championship to play in the Serie A. for now their four points gained with 3:11 goal difference only let Crotone take the place at the bottom of the table. In the latest match Crotone outplayed Benevento 2:0 and it let them win their first game in that campaign.

The upcoming game on Sunday will be the first one played between the teams. SPAL and Crotone are the teams of the same level and their results actually prove it. We don't think that anyone should expect the teams score a lot of goals and show brilliant performance in the upcoming match. It seems to us that there will be two or less goals scored in the forthcoming match.