Cesena vs Spezia Prediction 7 October 2017
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Cesena vs Spezia Prediction 7 October 2017

Tournament: Italian Serie B
Location: Stadio Dino Manuzzi
Match date: 07.10.2017 at 19:30

On October 7 2017 at 19:30 in the 8th regular game of the Italian Serie B at the Stadio Dino Manuzzi the local Cesena will play against their guests Spezia.

The changes Cesena made during the preseason campaign caused horrible consequences. Today, after 7 matches already played in the starting matches of the Serie B they are in really bad situation, in fact. The loss to Vercelli 5:2 in the latest match was the third one in a row and the fifth one in their 7 starting matches. All of their 4 points were gained in their home matches where they drew Venice 0:0, outplayed Avellino 3:1 and lost to Ascoli 0:2.

Even though Spezia were one of the least efficient teams of the league in the previous season, they still managed to show one of the best results in defense, which let them get comparatively good final result. They took the latest place in the promotion play-offs and were kicked-off from it in the first round as they played against Benevento and stayed in the Serie B. as for the starting games of the current season, they were just horrible for the Spezia and yet they managed to improve their performance and the results of their latest matches prove it. In the latest five games they gained 10 points which is rather good for them. In the latest match Spezia outplayed Bari 1:0 at home.

The results of the latest games played between the teams show no advantage of any teams. In the previous season both teams won their home games. At the moment Cesena are the absolute outsiders of the Serie B as they lost their latest three games with 11:2 difference. As you see, the hosts concede a lot and that’s why it seems to us that there will be more than one goal scored in the first half of the upcoming match.