Germany vs Azerbaijan Prediction 8 October 2017
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Germany vs Azerbaijan Prediction 8 October 2017

Tournament: 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification
Location: Fritz-Walter-Stadion
Match date: 08.10.2017 at 19:45

On October 8 2017 at 19:45 in Kaiserslautern at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion Germany national team will play against their guests Azerbaijan national team.

The favorites were obvious in the Group C just after the draw, in fact. Germany are much better compared to their competitors, in fact and they show the best results in the league. They outplayed Ireland 1:3 not with their strongest squad and that victory was the 9th one in their 9 matches played. They also improved their goal difference to make it +35 already.

As for Azerbaijan, their level has always been far from perfect and even before the start of the qualifiers they didn’t have any chances to take the first or the second place at all. The fact that Azerbaijan are on the one before last place in the stnadigns of their group it not an unexpected one at all. In the latest match Azerbaijan met Czech Republic and they lost, even though they managed to score one goal.

The upcoming game this Sunday will be the 6th one played between the teams. In the first round of the current qualification campaign Germany outplayed Azerbaijan with the devastating 1:4. As we see, Germany are in really good conditions and they tend to attack. We think there will be a lot of new players in the squad of the Germany national team and yet there won’t be goals scored by both teams.