Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace Prediction 21 October 2017
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Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace Prediction 21 October 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Saint James’ Park
Match date: 21.10.2017 at 15:00

On October 21 2017 at 15:00 in Newcastle at the Saint James’ Park in the upcoming regular game of the 9th matchday of the English Premier League the local Newcastle United will play against Crystal Palace.

It seems to us that Newcastle Untied managed to prove that they are “back to the business” after they came back to the national elite division. In the latest five games they had some good and some bad results, in fact. Last time they won in the national championship was in their match against Stoke City 2:1. After that they made a mistake in the game against Brighton 1:0 and drew Liverpool 1:1 and Southampton 2:2.

As for Crystal Palace, they managed to break their losing series which was already seven games in a row. Moreover, they didn’t score a single goal in those matches either. Anyway, they won in their latest game 2:1. Moreover, another surprising fact is that they outplayed Chelsea in that game. Yet, the Crystals and Chelsea have really special relationships as Crystal Palace also won their latest match against the Blues too. Moreover, they got those three points at the Stamford Bridge. Anyway, we must admit that Crystal Palace have really poor statistics in the matches at the Saint James’ Park where they haven’t won a single game of seven latest ones played.

Newcastle United looked much stronger, more organized and interesting in the matches they have already played and it’s reflected in the number of points they have gained. It’s hard to imagine that Crystal Palace will manage to show another game like the one they played last Saturday. We think that the hosts are much more likely to win in the upcoming match.