Inter vs Torino Prediction 5 November 2017
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Inter vs Torino Prediction 5 November 2017

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: San Siro Stadium
Match date: 05.11.2017 at 11:30

On November 5 2017 at 11:30 in Milano at the San Siro Stadium the local Inter will host their guests Torino in the upcoming regular game of the 12th matchday of the Italian Serie A.

Luciano Spaletti became the manager of Inter and proved to be a real professional as he managed to make the team member cooperate well which let them spend the first third of the championship without any serious mistakes. Even though they didn’t avoid losing points, both of their draws happened in the away matches while in the home games they have 100% results. They actually gained 15 points in their 5 games played at the domestic stadium with 12:4 goal difference.

As for Torino, they show their usual results in the current season once again and their unreliable defense seems to be the main reason for the mistakes they make. Torino outplayed Cagliari 2:1 last weekend and even though that victory was a well-deserved one, it was still really unconvincing and also the first one in the latest six games. That’s why it seems to us that it’s too soon to talk about the rise in the results of the team. Moreover, their away game against the favorites was an absolute failure for the team.

Even though none of the teams had any advantage in the latest five games played between them as they both won twice, we still think that the difference in class between them is obvious at the moment. Torino mostly gain points in their games against the outsiders and mostly lose to the favorites. That’s why we think that the hosts are much more likely to win this time.