Hoffenheim vs Eintracht Prediction 18 November 2017
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Hoffenheim vs Eintracht Prediction 18 November 2017

Tournament: German Bundesliga
Location: Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena
Match date: 18.11.2017 at 14:30

On November 18 2017 at 14:30 in the upcoming regular game of the 12th matchday of the German Bundesliga at the Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena the local Hoffenheim are playing against Eintracht Frankfurt.

The results of Hoffenheim in the previous season and in the current one are very different, in fact. Unlike the previous season, this time they are much less stable and make much more mistakes. Moreover, the victory against Koln broke their four games long winless series in the German Bundesliga. Hoffenheim didn’t manage to avoid making mistakes in their home games either as they have only gained 11 points in their 11 matches played at the Wirsol Stadium.

As for Eintracht, they showed positive progress compared to the final results of their previous season. Of course they have only played one third of the current season for now and yet we can’t deny the fact that they managed to improve their performance noticeably. Moreover the Eagles didn’t lose a single game of their five latest ones played as they gained 11 points of 15 possible. Besides, Eintracht show one of the best results of the league in their away games as they have already gained 11 points in 6 matches played.

The results of the latest games played between the teams played during the last three seasons show the advantage of Hoffenheim yet, Eintracht are obviously in better conditions now, they show great performance and score stably. We think that Hoffenheim will be the favorites in the upcoming match and yet we think that the visitors will manage to score at least once.