Freiburg vs Mainz Prediction 25 November 2017
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Freiburg vs Mainz Prediction 25 November 2017

Tournament: German Bundesliga
Location: Schwarzwald-Stadion
Match date: 25.11.2017 at 14:30

On November 25 2017 at 14:30 in the upcoming game of the 13th matchday of the German national elite division Bundesliga at the Schwarzwald-Stadion the local Freiburg are playing against their guest Mainz.

Freiburg were considered to be the middle-peasants of the national elite division until the current season and yet this time everything changed. They aren’t efficient enough and really poor in attack. Their results only leave them on the 17th position in the table of the league after 12 games played. In the latest game Freiburg lost to Wolfsburg 3:1 and that loss was the third one in a row and the 6th one in their 12 matches since the start of the season.

As for Mainz, they, in their turn, show that exact results they had been expected to. In their 12 games already played since the beginning of the championship Mainz gained 15 points with 13:17 goal difference which lets them take the 12th position I the standings. Besides, Mainz are now in comparatively good conditions and the victory against Koln 1:0 in the previous match prolonged their lossless series to make it three games long already.

The history of the latest matches played between the teams show the advantage of Mainz. Yet, their latest game at the Schwarzwald Stadium finished with the victory of Freiburg 1:0. Yet, at the moment Freiburg are one of the worst teams of the championship and that’s why we don’t think that Mainz will gain points in the upcoming match.