Nottingham Forrest vs Cardiff City Prediction 26 November 2017
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Nottingham Forrest vs Cardiff City Prediction 26 November 2017

Tournament: Football League Championship
Location: City Ground Stadium
Match date: 26.11.2017 at 13:00

On November 26 2017 at 13:00 in the upcoming regular game of the 19th matchday of the English Football League Championship at the City Ground Stadium the local Nottingham Forest are playing against Cardiff City.

Nottingham Forrest sometimes lose and win and now, after 18 games already played they have the same number of matches lost and won. The latest five games weren’t an exception, in fact, as they gained 9 points of 15 possible in them. In those matches Nottingham Forrest outplayed Hull City 2:3, QPR 4:0 and Norwich City 1:0 and lost to Reading 3:1 and Birmingham 1:0.

As for Cardiff City, they are one of the teams in the race for the championship or at least for promotion, despite the fact that they have made a few mistakes. In their 9 away games played Cardiff gained 16 points with 9:9 goal difference and it’s the third best result in the Championship. In the latest match Cardiff outplayed Barnsley 0:1 playing away from home and before that they outplayed Brentford 2:0 at home.

Cardiff have an obvious advantage in the history of head-to-heads of the teams as they won four of their latest five games played against Nottingham. The Foresters have a four games long winning series and yet they don’t almost win in those matches. That’s why it seems to us that the visitors are much more likely to win in the upcoming match.