West Bromwich Albion vs Crystal Palace Prediction 2 December 2017
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West Bromwich Albion vs Crystal Palace Prediction 2 December 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Hawthorns Stadium
Match date: 02.12.2017 at 15:00

On December 2 2017 at 15:00 in the upcoming match of the 15th game week of the English Premier League at the Hawthorns Stadium the local West Bromwich Albion will play against Crystal Palace.

A lot of money has been invested into the team and that’s probably why they are expected to show some particular results. Their manager was also expected to help the team and yet he didn’t fulfill those expectations and that’s why he was actually replaced by Alan Pardew. Before the upcoming game with the new manager on the head West Bromwich are by far not in their best conditions. They drew Newcastle 2:2 at home in the latest game and that draw was the second one in a row for the team. We must also admit that the draw prolonged their lossless series to make it 12 matches long already.

Despite the fact that Crystal Palace are still the outsiders of the league, they still managed to improve their results and conditions with the new manager appointed and they started gaining points at least. This fact let them keep some chances to stay in the league. In the latest match Crystal Palace drew Brighton without scoring or conceding a single goal. That draw prolonged the lossless series of the Crystals to make it three matches long already. We must remind you that in those matches before that Crystal Palace outplayed Stoke City 2:1 and before that drew Everton 2:2.

Crystal Palace won most of the games played between the teams. It seems to us that the guests are in better conditions now compared to the hosts. West Bromwich had their manager replaced not long ago and that’s they need to get used to him. Anyway it seems to us that the hosts will probably manage to avoid a loss in the upcoming match.