Bournemouth vs Southampton Prediction 3 December 2017
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Bournemouth vs Southampton Prediction 3 December 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Vitality Stadium
Match date: 03.12.2017 at 13:30

On December 3 2017 at 13:30 at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth in the  upcoming 15th game of the English Premier League the local Bournemouth are going to host their guests Southampton.

It’s hard to analyze the conditions of the teams which are really far from stable and yet we need to try to. Bournemouth, just like Southampton don’t impress their fans with their results. They only have 14 points and tale the 15th position in the standings. The Cherries were in the relegation zone not long ago and yet their latest three victories let them go up in the table. In those matches Bournemouth outplayed Newcastle United 1:0, Stoke City 2:1 and Huddersfield 4:0. Yet, we must actually admit that all of the teams they played against were by far not in their best conditions and none of them were among the potential favorites of the league.

Even if we wanted to say that the hosts would be the favorites of the upcoming match, we couldn’t do it. The latest two games showed all of the problems Bournemouth face now. They didn’t manage to show anything in the match against the team from the very bottom of the table Swansea and drew 0:0 in the end while in the match against Burnley they lost. The fact that Bournemouth had 62% advantage in that match didn’t help at all.

As for Southampton, they are actually in really bad conditions in the current season too. They lost the matches to Watford 0:2, Burnley 0L1 and Stoke 1:2 where they actually needed to gain points in case they want to stay in the national elite division this season. Yet, Southampton don’t seem to have as many problems as their competitors do and in case they are a bit luckier, they will gain their points.

We must also admit that the Saints played their latest game against the leaders of the league Manchester City and they didn’t look bad in it. They even managed to score a goal even though they lost 2:1 in the end.

All in all, while both teams are really unstable in their performance and results, we still think that the visitors will have an advantage in the upcoming game. Their latest match against the Citizens proved that they are capable of winning. Moreover, they won their latest game at the Dean Court in the previous campaign and we think that this time they will manage to at least avoid a loss.