Barcelona vs Sporting Prediction 5 December 2017
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Barcelona vs Sporting Prediction 5 December 2017

Tournament: Champions League
Location: Camp Nou
Match date: 05.12.2017 at 19:45

On December 5 2017 at 19:45 in the last game of the Champions League group stage at the Camp Nou Stadium Barcelona are going to play against their guests from Portugal Sporting.

Barcelona have already made it to the play-offs of the Champions League from the first place and the game against Sporting actually means nothing to them. We have no doubt that the manager of Barcelona won’t line up his best squad. They will have a very important game against Villarreal this weekend and they need to keep their most important players safe.

Besides, Barcelona have a lot of players injured and most of them are defenders, in fact. That’s why we don’t think that they will manage to avoid conceding goals. Moreover, they aren’t motivated at all and it will also influence their concentration, as it seems to us.

As for Sporting, they are obviously very eager to win this time and only the victory in the upcoming match will let them make it to the play-offs. That’s going to be the match against one of the favorites of the competition at their domestic stadium which is a very difficult task to deal and yet why shouldn’t they try? Barcelona have no motivation at all and the guests should use this fact. Sporting are really efficient as they managed to score eight goals in their latest five matches played. Even in their match in Torino Sporting scored their goal on the 12th minute. They scored in all of their latest ten matches. We must also remind you that Barcelona conceded goals in their matches against Celta last weekend and even against the outsiders of their group Olimpiacos. That’s why we think that Sporting will manage to do it too.

Of course, Barcelona will score at least once at their domestic stadium. Juventus are the only team which managed to avoid a loss in the Champions League since the season 2013/14. As for Sporting, they also conceded goals in all of their 13 latest matches played in the Champions League and last time they managed to avoid it was in 2008. All of these facts make us think that both teams will score at least once in the upcoming match.