Liverpool vs Everton Prediction 10 December 2017
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Liverpool vs Everton Prediction 10 December 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Anfield Stadium
Match date: 10.12.2017 at 14:15

On December 8th 2017 at 14:15 in the upcoming regular game of the 16th matchday of the English Premier League at the Anfield Stadium the local Liverpool are going to host their neighbours Everton.

Expect upcoming game to be really spectacular, in fact. Everybody knows that Liverpool tend to attack as they play. It doesn't actually matter who they're playing against: whether it's Arsenal Chelsea or Manchester United. Klopp's side always chooses to go forward. On Wednesday Liverpool broke the record of all of the English clubs in the Champions League and scored 23 goals in the group stage. Before that Manchester United held that record with their 20 goals scored. That's why nobody actually doubts the fact that the host will manage to score in the upcoming match. They don't just score in the Euro Cups but also in the national championship.  At the moment they already have 33 goals scored which is the third best result of the English Premier League. Only the teams from Manchester scored more goals than Liverpool did. Liverpool didn't manage to score in their two games of their 15 played in the current season  and it actually happened in the matches against the teams from Manchester which have already been mentioned. In the remaining 13 games Liverpool scored their 33 goals which is more than the average of 2.5 per game. That's why we think that the guests almost have no chances to avoid conceding goals in the upcoming match.

The defense of Everton is unexpectedly poor in the current season. They have already considered 28 goals in their 15 matches played which is the average of almost 2 goals per game. Only Stoke and the West Ham conceded more goals than Everton did.  They only had 3 games where they avoided conceding and all these three games where the home ones.

Yet, we should probably remind you that the defense of Liverpool has never been very reliable in fact. They have already conceded 19 goals since the beginning of the championship and it is one of the worst results of the teams from the top of the table. Somebody may say that Liverpool are strong defense in their home matches and their 3 conceded goals in seven games played at the Anfield  prove it. But let us remind you who visited Liverpool at the Anfield. Those teams were Huddersfield and Southampton who are obviously in crises.  Manchester United and Arsenal also played against Liverpool and then domestic stadium and they didn't manage to score either. Yet we must admit that Manchester United chose to concentrate on difference in that game while Arsenal had a lot of chances created and they were really close to scoring goals but they were just unlucky at it. Motorola Everton managed to show some particular progress in their latest games and even though the results are far from perfection it still seems to us that they will try their best in the match against rivals.

We should also remind you that Everton scored in all of their latest five games played. Well, in fact they actually scored 12 goals in those last 5 matches which is almost twice as more as they did in their previous 10 ones. We must also admit that the attack of the team finally started to work. Everton are in good psychological conditions at the moment and that's why it seems to us that they will also manage to score in the upcoming match.

Long story short, where I asked if the guests would manage to score in the game against Liverpool, I would say yes as their performance is starting to get better while Liverpool have never been very reliable in defense. Moreover they will be trying their best in the game against the rivals from the same city. That is why it seems to us that both teams are going to score in the coming match.