Southampton vs Arsenal Prediction 10 December 2017
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Southampton vs Arsenal Prediction 10 December 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: St. Mary's Stadium
Match date: 10.12.2017 at 12:00

 On December 10th 2017 at 12:00 the upcoming regular of game on the 16th game week of the English Premier League will be played between Southampton and Arsenal at the St Mary's Stadium.

 Arsenal managed to improve their performance a lot in the second half of autumn and yet those improvements are mostly connected with their result in the home games.  The results of their away matches are still rather poor as The Gunners only managed to gain 7 points in the 7 away games played as they won twice drew once and lost 4 times. They only manage to score more than one goal in one of those matches. They even lost to Stoke and Watford. Of course Arsenal scored 6 goals in their latest two matches and yet those matches were the home ones and the competitors let Arsenal play as they liked it. Both Huddersfield and Manchester United lost a lot of space for the middle-fielders of Arsenal.

It will definitely be much more difficult for them to play at the St Mary's. Southampton know how to pack their midfield with a lot of players, stay in defense and wait for a chance to score. Moreover Arsenal will be the favorites of the match and will definitely feel pressure which will make them attack more and risk.

As for Southampton, they looked rather strong in their latest matches. The fact that Austin came back to their squad immediately affected the results of their matches. That player himself scored three goals in the 2 games played. They outplayed Everton, drew Bournemouth and even almost managed to gain points at the Etihad Stadium against the Citizens as they lost 2-1 because of the goal conceded on the 90th minute of the match. We think that Austin will have his chances in the upcoming game against Arsenal as they play with 3 defenders on the pitch.

 We don't actually think that Arsenal are as obvious favorites as the bookmakers say. That game will be an away one for them and they don't so perfect result in such matches. Moreover the Saints aren't easy competitors which they managed to prove in the match against Manchester City. That's why it seems to us that the host will manage the gain points this time.