Marseille vs Saint-Etienne Prediction 10 December 2017
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Marseille vs Saint-Etienne Prediction 10 December 2017

Tournament: French Ligue 1
Location: Stade Velodrome
Match date: 10.12.2017 at 20:00

On December 10 2017 at 20:00 at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille in the upcoming regular game of the 17th matchday of the French Ligue 1 the local Olympique are playing against Saint-Etienne.

Saint-Etienne are now on the 14th position in the table and it’s more likely to be lack of luck then the reflection of their actual performance. They are not worse than most of the middle-peasants, in fact. They had a really good start, in fact, as they had only one single loss in their starting seven matches played. Anyway, the results of Saint-Etienne got a lot worse, despite the fact that the performance didn’t change. They drew in the matches they were to win and lost in the matches where they were to draw. We are sure that the teams with the squad like Saint-Etienne have may compete for the places in the Europa cups zone. In the previous match they used 4-3-3 scheme and it worked, in fact, as they looked rather solid against Nantes. They were even the first to score in that match and still they drew in the end.

As for Marseille, they are obviously more successful in the current season. Yet, we aren’t sure that they will win so easily this time. Even Metz and Rennes managed to gain points at the Velodrome Stadium. Even Toulouse and Guingamp had their chances to do it and yet they didn’t manage to keep the best player of Marseille Thauvin. Well, he may miss the upcoming match and in case he does, Marseille won’t manage to win with the big score.

Moreover, Marseille compete both in their domestic competitions and in the Euro Cups which makes them obviously more tired. On Thursday they played in the Europa League and despite the fact that the manager replaced a few players, most of the main squad footballers still ah dot play. We aren’t sure that they will have enough strength to win against the solid Saint-Etienne. They are really tired and the fact that they scored more than one goal in only one of their 6 latest games played, proves it.

Of course, Marseille are the favorites of the upcoming match and yet all of the facts mentioned above make us think that they won’t manage to win with more than one goal difference.