Strasbourg vs Toulouse Prediction 16 December 2017
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Strasbourg vs Toulouse Prediction 16 December 2017

Tournament: French Ligue 1
Location: Stade de la Meinau
Match date: 16.12.2017 at 19:00

On December 16 2017 at 19:00 in the upcoming regular game of the 18th matchday of the French Ligue 1 at the Stade de la Meinau the local Strasbourg are playing against their guests Toulouse.

Both Strasbourg and Toulouse played their games in the Coupe de France this week. Strasbourg were unlucky and they had to play against PSG. In that match they looked rather strong and even managed to score two goals and yet they lost 2:4. As for Toulouse, they played against Bordeaux, who are by far not in their best conditions now and they won 2:0 in the end.

If we don’t mention that match in the cup, the beginners of the national elite division Strasbourg won three times and drew twice in their latest five games and gained 11 points in them. They actually played against the teams from the first half of the table and still managed to look strong in those matches. In fact, PSG and Marseille were just two teams, which gained more points than Strasbourg did. Yet, in their previous 12 matches they only gained 10 points, in fact. Anyway, if we consider the latest ten matches we must admit that Strasbourg only lost one of them. Maybe they had a bad start of the season because they needed time to adapt and now they are totally ready to compete.

Moreover, Strasbourg haven’t lost at home for five games already. Neither Marseille nor PSG managed to outplay the beginners of the league.

As for Toulouse, they, in their turn, are going down in the table now. The victory against Caen in the latest match broke their winless series which was six matches long already. Well, we can’t actually say that the victory against Caen was a convincing one as there was an auto goal and a goal scored from the penalty.

It’s also really difficult for them to play away from home. They lost their latest three away matches in a row. They actually lost six of their nine away matches, drew twice and outplayed Angers, who are now even lower than Toulouse.

Last time they met in the Ligue 1 was in 2008. Strasbourg actually won three latest matches played between them. They seem to be ready to continue that 10 years old tradition now.

The teams are really close to each other in the second half of the Ligue 1 and they can’t slow down as they are just three points above the relegation zone and just two points below the seventh place. The players are in really good conditions while their competitors aren’t in their best conditions. All of the reasons mentioned above make us think that the hosts are much more likely to win this time.