Cardiff City vs Hull City Prediction 16 December 2017
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Cardiff City vs Hull City Prediction 16 December 2017

Tournament: Football League Championship
Location: Cardiff City Stadium
Match date: 16.12.2017 at 17:30

On December 16 2017 at 17:30 in the upcoming match of the 22nd game week of the English Football League Championship at the Cardiff City Stadium the local club with the same name plays against their guests Hull City.

Cardiff had a great chance to shorten their distance to Wolverhampton and yet they didn’t use that chance. Yet, we must actually admit that even their one point gained in the match against Reading was luck for them. They failed the first half as they were losing 2:0. Yet, after that they managed to concentrate and equalized in the end without letting their competitors commit a single attempt on target. In that second half they actually showed the high quality performance which lets them stay as high in the table as they are now.

They are on the second place four points below Wolverhampton and also four points above their closest rivals Bristol who are on the third place. In their 21 games already played this season Cardiff won 13 times. Their defense is the most reliable in the league as they only conceded 16 goals in those 21 matches.

In fact, Cardiff are in really good conditions. In the latest five matches they won four times and drew once. Cardiff are great in their domestic matches as they won 7 times and drew three times in their 10 matches played at the Cardiff City. Moreover, their winning series at the domestic stadium is 3 games long already. In those matches they outplayed Ipswich, Bretford and Norwich and all of these teams are higher in the table than Hull City.

As for Hull, they, in their turn, are obviously failing their current season. They are now on the 18th position in the table just 6 points above the relegation zone. As a result, Hull fired their manager and they already had a match against Bretford with the new one on the head. They actually won and yet Bretford are by far not that kind of competitors we could actually mention. They will actually have a real challenge this time at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Anyway, we don’t actually expect the Tigers to show a lot of positive results before the opening of the transfer window as they were obviously going to fail because of their players who left them after the team was relegated.

It’s also really difficult for the Tigers to play in their away matches. In their 10 away games played this season they only won once and lost four times. Despite the fact they used to be successful in Cardiff, in fact, we still think that Cardiff are going to break their bad series this time.