Leicester vs Crystal Palace Prediction 16 December 2017
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Leicester vs Crystal Palace Prediction 16 December 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: King Power Stadium
Match date: 16.12.2017 at 12:30

On December 16 2017 at 12:30 in the upcoming regular game of the 18th game week of the English Premier League the local Leicester City will host their guests Crystal Palace at the King Power Stadium.

Leicester had a horrible start of the season, in fact and they were near the bottom of the table till November and yet their results got much better as soon as they had a manager replaced. They have already played seven matches since the beginning of November where they won four times, drew twice and lost once. It’s really impressive, considering the fact that the Foxes only lost to the absolute leaders and favorites of the league Manchester City.

If we only consider the matches Leicester played since the beginning of December, we must admit that Leicester won all of these matches and they did it away from home. In fact, Leicester keep proving that they know how to play football.

As for Crystal Palace, they had even a worse start of the season when the Foxes did. They lost eight of their starting ten matches played, drew once and sensationally outplayed their neighbors Chelsea. They had their manager replaced and now the situation is slowly getting better and yet it’s too soon to say that they are ready to compete for the places in the middle f the table.

Moreover, Crystal Palace look really poor in their away matches. They lost six of their eight away matches played and drew twice without scoring or conceding a single goal.

As for Leicester, they, in their turn, look really convincing at home now as they outplayed Burnley, Tottenham and Everton in their latest home matches and only lost to the Guardiola’s side.

The teams have been playing against each other in the national elite division since 2014 and the Foxes have an advantage according to those games as they won three times, drew once and lost twice. We must actually admit that they lost those two games in their first season in the elite division after many years in the lower divisions. All of these facts make us think that Leicester will manage to outplay their guests Crystal Palace in the last game of the first round of the English Premier League.