Las Palmas vs Espanyol Prediction 17 December 2017
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Las Palmas vs Espanyol Prediction 17 December 2017

Tournament: Spanish La Liga
Location: Estadio de Gran Canaria
Match date: 17.12.2017 at 17:30

On Sunday, December 17 2017 at 17:30 in the upcoming match of the 16th game week of the Spanish national elite division La Liga at the Estadio de Gran Canaria the local Las Palmas are playing against Espanyol.

 Espanyol showed comparatively poor results lately and yet it’s too soon to say that they are failing in the current season. They had their periods with important players injured and they had their bad games when they are just unlucky. They are actually just two points above the relegation zone and yet they actually have that same distance to the Euro Cups zone. Of course, it’s all because the teams are really close to each other in the middle of the standings. If Espanyol have just one lucky good series, they will be in the Europa League zone already.

At the moment Espanyol have no important players injured and their manager has a lot of footballers to choose from. They seem to have their recourses to outplayed Las Palmas now. They have some problems with attack now and score the average of less than one goal per game. Sometimes they just can’t finish the game with the right result. It’s always very difficult for them to play against the teams with good attack as they conceded playing against Eibar, Valencia, Barcelona and Real more than twice.

Anyway, it’s hard to say that Las Palmas are the team with good attack. They scored as many goals as Espanyol did. Yet, while Espanyol conceded 19 goals, Las Palmas conceded 34. That’s the worst result of the league, in fact. Las Palmas are actually in horrible situation as they lost a lot of players during the preseason. They have already played half of their new season and the situation is still desperate. The players are in horrible psychological conditions, they can hardly cooperate on the pitch. They don’t seem to know what to do and how to improve the situation.

Espanyol are obviously better in all of the aspects. Maybe, they have a problem connected with lack of players in attack, but still these problems are not as serious as Espanyol actually have. They don’t have enough players and even the players they have are not in their best psychological conditions.

All of the facts mentioned above make us think that the visitors are much more likely to avoid a loss and gain points in the upcoming match.