Real Madrid vs Barcelona Prediction 23 December 2017
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Real Madrid vs Barcelona Prediction 23 December 2017

Tournament: Spanish Primera
Location: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Match date: 23.12.2017 at 12:00

On December 23 2017 at 12:00 in the upcoming game of the 17th game week of the Spanish La Liga the legendary El Clasico will take place as Real Madrid will host Barcelona at their domestic stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

 It seems to us that the amazing season when Los Blancos won everything they could is gone already. They don’t show that same passion, strength, that unbelievable performance they used to. Almost every game they play this season seems to be very difficult for them; they hardly finish them, in fact. The Madridistas look neither fresh nor creative; they attack with two or three players. The attack footballers aren’t in their best conditions and they don’t cooperate well enough. That’s why they show average results and they are totally deservedly criticized.

Real don’t show the champions’ performance at all. Of course, they outplayed Deportivo, Eibar and Las Palmas with 3:0 score with the squad they have. Yet, they hardly won against Malaga 3:2, Getafe 2:1 and Alaves 2:1. Moreover, they only outplayed Malaga due to the penalty scored on the 75th minute, scored the winner on the 85th minute of the match against Getafe. The champions of Spain aren’t supposed to hardly win against the middle-peasants of the league. Besides, the even made some mistakes as they lost points playing against Valencia 2:2, Levante 1:1, Atletico 0:0 and Athletic 0:0. They didn’t manage to take the first place in their Champions League group as Real Madrid didn’t outplay Tottenham even once. Moreover, their performance and the Club World Cup was not convincing enough for the European team there.

As for the visitors, the situation is much more pleasant for them. They are really reliable in defense and comparatively efficient in attack. In their 16 games already played in the national championship Barcelona only conceded 7 goals. As for the Champions League, the situation is rather similar there. Barcelona only conceded one single goal in their six matches at the group stage even though they played against rather efficient teams like Sporting, Olympiacos and Juventus. We really don’t think that the Madridistas, who didn’t manage to score against Athletic and Atletico, will manage to easily score in the match against that kind of Barcelona.

We must actually admit that the attack of Barcelona is no longer as efficient as it sued to be. Yet, they have already scored 42 goals in their 16 matches played which gives us the average of 2.6 goals per game. The hosts score the average of two goals per game, for instance.

Of course, Barcelona realize that in case they lose in the upcoming match, they will let Real Madrid to shorten the distance to the first place and make it eight points. Moreover, Real have one extra game to play which may make the distance five points. That’s why the manager of Barcelona will probably concentrate on not losing this time.

We also think that there won’t be more than five goals scored in the upcoming match. The visitors have improved their defense significantly and their players cooperate much better on their half of the pitch. That’s why we don’t think that Real Madrid, who aren’t as brilliant in attack as they used to be, won’t score a lot of goals. Moreover, Barcelona don’t really need to try hard to win with some devastating score, they won’t attack too much, as it seems to us and, consequently, won’t score a lot.

All of the facts that we have already mentioned make us think that the visitors will manage to avoid this time and that there won’t be too many goals scored.