Manchester United vs Burnley Prediction 26 December 2017
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Manchester United vs Burnley Prediction 26 December 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Old Trafford Stadium
Match date: 26.12.2017 at 17:00

On December 26 2017 at 15:00 in the upcoming match of the English national championship Premier League at the Old Trafford Stadium the local Manchester United are playing against their guests Burnley.

Manchester United unexpectedly lost points in their latest match because of the mistake they made at the very end of it. The Red Devils had an advantage as they led 1:2 and yet they didn’t manage to get their three points in Leicester as they conceded the equalizer on the 94th minute and drew in the end. That mistake was the sixth one for Manchester United as they lost three times and drew twice before. It also made their distance to the first place 13 points already. We must also admit that Manchester United only lost points against Manchester City in their domestic games while in the rest of the games they won.

As for Burnley, they show unexpectedly strong results in the current championship, in fact. Nobody actually thought they would see that team near the top of the standings. In their 19 games already played Burnley gained 32 points with 16:15 goal difference which let them take the seventh position in the table two points below the relegation zone.

Manchester United won most of the games played against Burnley in their history. We must actually admit that Burnley have already outplayed Manchester United only once in the new history and it was in the far 2009. Manchester United lost to Bristol city in the FA Cup and also lost points in Leicester because of a mistake and that’s why it seems to us that this time they will be extremely concentrated. That’s why we think that they will manage to win this time.