Stoke City vs Huddersfield Town Prediction 20 January 2018
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Stoke City vs Huddersfield Town Prediction 20 January 2018

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Bet365 Stadium
Match date: 20.01.2018 at 15:00

On January 20 2018 at 15:00 in the upcoming match of the 24th game week of the English Premier League at the Bet365 Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire the local Stoke City will play against Huddersfield Town.

We must actually say that Stoke City are very likely to relegate after the end of the current season in case they don’t improve their performance. Yet, we are still sure that the Potters will try their best to stay in the league and the upcoming game against Huddersfield may be the right one for them to start fulfilling the plan. It’s hard to say for sure what changes will be made in the team with the appointment of the new manager Lambert. We know him due to his work in Norwich and Aston Villa and he is usually considered to be a traditionalist. Yet, he was also known to be able to surprise his competitors with an unexpected scheme and it may happen once again this time.

Moreover, Stoke aren’t as poor as they may seem to be. They mostly gained points as their domestic stadium before in the current season and their home was something like an inspiration for the Potters and it let them show some unexpectedly strong results a few times. For example, Stoke outplayed West Bromwich Albion, Swansea, Southampton and Arsenal at the Bet365 and they also managed to gain a point in the home game against Manchester United.

As for Huddersfield, they, in their turn, seem like a team one can gain points in the game against. In the latest six games they only won once and they did it in the match against Watford who are in a serious crisis. Besides, the Terries have never been very strong in their away games. They have only gained 8 points in their 11 games played away from home and there are only two teams who have worse results according to this aspect. They have only outplayed Crystal Palace and Watford in their away matches and both of the teams were in crisis those days.

The teams played their latest game against each other really not long ago. They met at the John Smith’s Stadium on December 26 and they drew as they scored one goal each. The game was really equal and Huddersfield didn’t have any advantage =, even though they were the hosts of that match. This time Stoke are playing at home and their performance will definitely be different at the domestics stadium. They have the new manager, more experience and their domestic stadium this time and that’s why we think that the Potters are much more likely to win this time.