Lazio vs Udinese Prediction 24 January 2018
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Lazio vs Udinese Prediction 24 January 2018

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: Stadio Olimpico
Match date: 24.01.2018 at 17:30

On January 24 2018 at 17:30 in the upcoming postponed match of the 12th game week of the Italian national elite division Serie A at the Stadio Olimpico in Roma the local Lazio will play against Udinese.

The upcoming game is supposed to be a very interesting one. Lazio are in the race for the places in the Champions League while Udinese compete for the places in the Europa League. We almost have no doubt that both teams are going to score at least once in the upcoming match and we will try to explain why we think so.

Lazio are now on the third place in the standings of the league and they are the most scoring of the national championship. They have already scored 53 goals in their 20 matches played and it’s really a lot. For Example, Milan scored half as much goals in the current season. That great efficiency can be explained with the wonderful conditions of the leaders of the team. Yet, we must actually admit that the defense of Lazio isn’t as strong as their attack. They conceded the biggest number of goals of all of the top five teams for the Serie A. Lazio only managed to avoid conceding in their 5 matches in the first round of the championship.

As for Udinese, they are on the 9th position with 29 points gained. They show comparatively strong performance in the current season, in fact. They have already scored 34 goals and it’s a solid result for the middle-peasants of the Serie A. Udinese also show comparatively good results in their away matches as they have already scored 15 goals in their 9 games played away from home.

All of the facts we have already mentioned make us think that both teams are going to score at least once in the upcoming match.