Cardiff City vs Manchester City Prediction 28 January 2018

Cardiff City vs Manchester City Prediction 28 January 2018

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On January 28 2018 at 16:00 in the upcoming game of the English FA Cup at the Cardiff City Stadium the local Cardiff City are playing against the leaders of the national elite division Manchester City.

It’s really unusual and yet the games against the teams from the football League Championship seem to be more difficult for Manchester city than the ones against the teams from the Premier League. We must remind you that the Wolves only lost to the Citizens after the penalty shooting while Bristol City lost their two leg games with just one goal differences and only because of the goals scored after the end of the main time.

Of course, there are a few obvious reasons for this. First of all, Guardiola doesn’t usually choose the main squad footballers for the matches against the teams from the lower divisions. They won’t do it this time either as they have a Premier League match in just three days. On the other hand, the teams from the Championship have much more motivation in the matches against the grands from the national elite division. That’s a real challenge had a chance to show themselves to the world.

Manchester City have already played 6 cup games in the current season and they only won one of them with the devastating score. Moreover, that one was played at the Etihad Stadium. On the other hand, Cardiff haven’t lost a single FA Cup game with more than one goal difference during the last 13 years at home. At the moment Wolverhampton are in rather good conditions and they are definitely not worse than some of the teams from the EPL. All of these facts make us think that the hosts aren’t likely to lose with a big goal difference.