Barcelona vs Valencia Prediction 1 February 2018

Barcelona vs Valencia Prediction 1 February 2018

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On February 1 2018 at 20:30 in the upcoming first leg game of the Spanish Copa del Rey at the Camp Nou Stadium the local Barcelona will play against their competitors Valencia.

The situation is very good for Barcelona at the moment. They made it to the Champions League play-offs without any serious problems. They are 11 points above their closest rivals in the national championship and they keep o outplaying everyone in the Copa del Rey. They have already overcome Murcia, Celta and Espanyol on the previous stages of the competition.

We must actually remind you that there will be two matches at the semifinal stage of the Copa del Rey and Barcelona won’t probably leave making it to the final for the second leg away match. They will be trying to win against Camp Nou and let’s be frank; they have enough strength to do it. In the current season they have already played 16 home matches in the current season and they won 15 of them. The only team they didn’t manage to outplay was Celta who drew 2:2 at the Camp Nou. Anyway, Juventus, Sevilla and Sporting left Camp Nou without any points gained and we don’t really think that Valencia will manage to do it this time.

The Bets are losing their position now and even their second position no longer seems to be theirs as it did a few months ago. Real and Villarreal are just two and three points below them. The Oranges lost on their latest three games in a row in the national championship and in the cup. As for their away games, they only won one of the latest five ones. They lost to the outsiders of the league Las Palmas and Alaves.

As you see, Barcelona are obviously much stronger than Valencia at the moment. That’s why it seems to us that the hosts are supposed to win without any serious problems and still we think that the Bets will manage to score at least once this time.