Hertha vs Hoffenheim Prediction 3 February 2018
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Hertha vs Hoffenheim Prediction 3 February 2018

Tournament: German Bundesliga
Location: Olympiastadium, Berlin
Match date: 03.02.2018 at 14:30

On February 3 2018 at 14:30 at the Olympiastadion in Berlin in the forthcoming match of the German Bundesliga 21st game week the local Hertha are playing against their guests Hoffenheim.

Hertha and Hoffenheim aren’t as convincing in the current season as they used to be before and yet they are still in the race for the places in the euro Cups zone. Yet, to fight for those places they need to gain points in the matches like the upcoming one and probably they will both score at least once in the upcoming match.

They also started to fail at their domestic stadium. Hertha have only gained 15 points in their 10 matches played which is the average of 1.5 points per match while in the previous season they used to score the average of 2 points per match. We must actually remind you that in the previous season Hertha only conceded 19 goals at the domestic stadium during the whole season while in the current campaign they have already conceded 15 goals in their 10 matches played. Moreover, they only had one single match where they avoided missing goals while in the rest of the games they conceded every time. Yet, Hertha don’t almost go their home games without scoring a single goal.

As for Hoffenheim, they, in their turn, aren’t very reliable in defense in their away matches this season. They have already conceded 21 goals in their 10 away matches played and they only had one game where they avoided conceding goals and that was in the game against Koln, who were extremely poor in that match. They let the teams like Hannover, Freiburg and Hamburger score a lot in the away matches against them. Hoffenheim can’t show the results they used to show in the previous season and their defense is really far from perfection.

Yet, we must actually admit that their attack is rather strong anyway. In the previous season Hoffenheim only had three games of 30 played where they didn’t manage to score even once and it’s a very good result for the middle-peasants of the championship. Despite the fact that Hoffenheim have some particular problems with their attacking players now, they are still comparatively good in it due to the high quality cooperation. For example, they had a game against Bayern Munich not long ago where they scored two goals by the 12th minute of the game.

Finally, we would like to mention some statistics. In their 8 of 10 home matches played Hertha scored and conceded goals while Hoffenheim did the same in 7 of their 10 away matches. In the first round game of the current season both teams scored their goals and it seems to us that it’s going to happen this time again.