Monaco vs Olympique Lyonnais Prediction 4 February 2018
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Monaco vs Olympique Lyonnais Prediction 4 February 2018

Tournament: French Ligue 1
Location: Stade Louis II
Match date: 04.02.2018 at 20:00

On February 4 2018 at 20:00 in the forthcoming match of the French Ligue 1 24th game week at the Stade Louis II the local Monaco will play against their guests Olympique from Lyon.

Both teams are very strong and titled and they have been fighting against other top teams for a few seasons already like PSG and Marseille. In the current season PSG are actually far above all of the other teams and yet other teams are competing for the places in the Euro Cups zone. Both teams are supposed to score at least once as they are high in the table. Monaco are on the fourth place in the standings with 47 points gained while Lyon and Marseille have 48 points and are above the hosts. We must remind you that the second place of the French Ligue 1 goes directly to the Champions League, the third place goes to the Champions League through the play-offs round and the fourth place only goes to the Europa League. As you see, the upcoming game is going to be a very important one for both teams as they are fighting for the places in the main European competition.

Monaco have already scored 53 goals in the matches already played in the current season while Lyon have already scored 52. They are the teams with the best attacks in the national championship except Paris Saint-Germain. They both scored more than two goals per match. They are the teams which tend to attack and not just their statistics but also their performance proves it. They sometimes don’t concentrate on their defense and concede a lot when they play against the teams with great attack.

We must also admit that Monaco are the second best team of the championship according to their results of their home games as they won nine times in their 12 games played with the average of 2.75 goals per game. As for Lyon, they, in their turn, are the best team of the championship in their away matches as they won eight games with the average of 2.41 goals scored per game.

Both teams are in wonderful conditions as all of their players can play and there are no obvious problems in the squad. Monaco scored at least two goals in all of their latest six home games while Lyon scored at least once in all of their latest 13 matches against the French teams.

In the end we want to admit that in the latest games played between the teams there are such cores: 2:3, 3:2, 1:2, 1:3, 6:1 and 1:1. Both teams scored at least once in 12 of their latest 13 official matches played between Monaco and Lyon. That’s why it seems to us that both teams are going to score at least once this time again.