Cagliari vs SPAL Prediction 4 February 2018
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Cagliari vs SPAL Prediction 4 February 2018

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: Sardegna Arena
Match date: 04.02.2018 at 14:00

On February 4 2018 at 14:00 in the forthcoming match of the Italian Serie A at the Sardegna Arena the local Cagliari are going to host their guests SPAL.

SPAL only won once in their latest seven matches while they lost twice to Sampdoria and Lazio. Of course, we can’t blame them for the loss to Lazio while the loss to Sampdoria wasn’t a necessary one. Moreover, they conceded their two goals after the 90th minute. Yet, they had a few great results as they drew Inter due to the goals scored at the very end of the match and they also drew Udinese, who look really great now.

Moreover, SPAL never looked worse compared to their competitors, they committed a lot of attempts and they looked stronger at some points of the games. It doesn’t seem to us that they are supposed to fight for survival in the national elite division with the performance they show. We really think that in general they need to fix their problems in defense and they will manage to compete for the laces in the top 10 of the championship.

As for Cagliari, they, in their turn, only seemed to be lucky in the matches they played not long ago. In general, it seemed to us that they were supposed to lose in at least six matches with two or more goals difference and yet they didn’t. For example, Roma and Fiorentina only managed to score once in their games against Cagliari as they committed more than 25 attempts each. Atlanta lost with 25 shots and Juventus didn’t score a lot. The match against Crotone wasn’t supposed to finish with the draw as Crotone looked obviously not as strong as their competitors and yet they managed to gain a point.

The facts we have already mentioned make us think that the visitors are very likely to win or at least to avoid a loss in the upcoming match.