Tottenham vs Arsenal Prediction 10 February 2018
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Tottenham vs Arsenal Prediction 10 February 2018

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Wembley Stadium
Match date: 10.02.2018 at 13:30

On February 10 2018 at 12:30 in the upcoming match of the 27th game week of the English national championship Premier League at the Wembley Stadium in London Tottenham will host their neighbours Arsenal.

There have been a lot of spectacular North London Derbies in the last few years. In 6 of their 8 matches both teams scored at least once and sometimes they had the scored like 5:2, 3:3 or 2:3. We suggest that the upcoming game will be a one like that with a lot of attempts committed and goals scored. Both teams look really strong in attack while their defense is far from perfection. Moreover, both teams really need to win and they will be trying their best this time.

We are sure that Tottenham won’t be able to avoid conceding goals. Their scheme with the high defense line makes them really fragile in the counterattacks. And Arsenal have enough attacking players who are able to use that fragility and score even more than once. They will probably have Ozil and Mkhitaryan on the wings and they are both able to pass the ball really well. Liverpool used the scheme like that and they managed to score twice and it seems to us that Arsenal will definitely manage to do the same.

Yet, in case Ozil and Mkhitaryan both play this time, Arsenal won’t have enough resources in destroying attacks. The way they play now leaves a lot of space for the players of Tottenham and it will probably let the score more. Moreover, a few main squad players of Arsenal are by far not in their best conditions while the top scorer of Tottenham Harry Kane looks just wonderful now. We must also remind you that he scored six goals in his latest six matches played against Arsenal.

We should probably admit that both teams have a few jokers on the benches. The game is actually supposed to be an intensive one and they will probably influence the result of the forthcoming match. In the first round game of the current season the teams committed 13 attempts by the 69th minute which is the average of one per five minutes while after the 69th minute they committed 15 attempts – one per 1.5 minute. Both teams have a few fast players among the potential substitutes and this fact also makes us think that there will be a lot of goals scored.

We must also remind you that both teams are in the race for the places in the Champions League zone and they will definitely be trying their best to keep their chances for it. All of the facts we have already mentioned before make us think that both teams are going to score at least once and that there will be at least three goals scored.