Chelsea vs Barcelona Prediction 20 February 2018
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Chelsea vs Barcelona Prediction 20 February 2018

Tournament: UEFA Champions League
Location: Stamford Bridge Stadium
Match date: 20.02.2018 at 19:45

On February 20 2018 at 19:45 in the forthcoming match of the Champions League first play-offs round at the Stamford Bridge Stadium the local Chelsea are playing against their guests Barcelona from Spain.

It’s definitely going to be one of the most interesting games of the current stage of the competition. The teams have really a lot of matches already played against each other so their history is really emotional and rich. Yet, we must actually admit that the teams are no longer the same as they were six year ago in 2012 when they last met in that competition.

Chelsea slowed down a bit and they have to face a lot of problems in the national championship and probably that’s why they will try their best to concentrate on the Euro C up competition while Barcelona are also very motivated as usual. In fact, the future of Antonio Conte will probably be decided in that upcoming match. That’s actually the game where the Blues have some actual chances to win playing against the Catalonians as they are always very strong at home and their domestic fans will be supporting them.

We must also admit that the scheme the team uses has changed a bit; they are no longer as pragmatic as they used to be, and they are much more risky and energetic. In fact, they had three or more goals scored in five of their six matches played at the group stage which proves that they are going to attack again.

As for Barcelona, they are going to be the favorites of the forthcoming match against Chelsea and yet we must admit that the Blues are very uncomfortable competitors for the Catalonians as they only won once in their latest 8 matches played against them. The Catalonians have already changed their ways too as they are a bit more concentrated on defense now and they let the competitors possess the ball sometimes while they chose to counterattack. We must actually admit that the game is also very important for Barcelona, as they have a lot of really ambitious players who will be trying their best this time again.

We are sure that the upcoming game between the British and the Spanish teams is going to be a very tense one and it also seems to us that there will be ten or more corners in that match.