Manchester City vs Chelsea Prediction 4 March 2018
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Manchester City vs Chelsea Prediction 4 March 2018

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Etihad Stadium
Match date: 04.03.2018 at 16:00

On March 4 2018 at 16:00 in the forthcoming game of the 29th game week of the English Premier League at the Etihad Stadium the local Manchester City will play against their guests Chelsea.

We must remind you that Chelsea were kicked-off from the Champions League zone after the loss to Manchester United and now they really need to gain points. Moreover, Chelsea haven’t won in their away matches for three games in a row already and that’s something we should mention too.

We must also remind you that Manchester City and Chelsea have already met before in the current season at the Stamford Bridge. Those days the Blues were in much better conditions and yet the Citizens won in an incredible competition.

One thing you must know is that Chelsea play in a very uncomfortable kind of football for Manchester City as they are able to defend and they do it very well. You can remember their match against Barcelona where Chelsea chose to concentrate on defense and counterattacked time up to time. They looked rather good in that match and even had chances to score a few times. It seems to us that they will be doing something like that in the upcoming game against Etihad.

As for Manchester City, they may have some problems with motivation this time. They are already far above their competitors and still we hope that Guardiola will find some words to motivate the Citizens. Aguero has already scored 199 goals or Manchester City and scoring the 200th goal will be his personal motivation.

Manchester City won their previous game against Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge and it seems to us that they will manage to do it once again at home this time.