PSG vs Real Madrid Prediction 6 March 2018
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PSG vs Real Madrid Prediction 6 March 2018

Tournament: UEFA Champions League
Location: Parc des Princes
Match date: 06.03.2018 at 19:45

On March 6 2018 at 19:45 in the forthcoming second leg match of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 at the Parc des Princes in Paris the local PSG will host their guests from Spain Real Madrid. In the first leg game Real Madrid won 3:1.

PSG are obviously in a difficult situation now. They need to make it to the next stage from 3:1 in the first leg game playing against the current holders of the title without one of the most important layers Neymar. Yet, we aren’t sure that the predictions for the upcoming game are so pessimistic for the Parisians.

They lost to Real Madrid and yet they did it in Spain while at home they look much stronger. For example, not so long ago they lost to Barcelona and Bayern in their away matches with 2:9 goal difference while in the home games they outplayed those same teams with the devastating 4:0 and 3:0. PSG only lost one of their latest 46 Euro Cup games played at home and in the current season they won all 19 matches played. Another not so obvious aspect is that the absence of Neymar may influence the team’s spirit in a good way as they will have to cooperate more and rely on themselves in such a situation.

As for Real, they are going to Paris with one thing they know: even a loss with the minimum score will let them make it to the next stage and a draw will be the best result for them. As you see, Real don’t really need to win and that’s why they won’t probably try very hard. You may remember the quarterfinal of the previous season of the Champions League where Real Madrid won against Atletico 3:0 at home and after that they lost 2:1 (losing 2:0 by the 16th minute).

Another thing we must admit that will definitely be very difficult for Real to win in Paris as Zidane’s side has a lot of problems too. They have Modric and Kroos missing from the squad which may stop them using their usual scheme and it may make them vulnerable in the middle of the pitch. Moreover, Real Madrid only won seven of their 13 away matches played in the national championship despite the facts that there are not so may team of the level of PSG and that the Madridistas haven’t visited Barcelona, Sevilla and Villarreal yet. As for the away game against Tottenham at the group stage of the Champions League, Real lost it too. As a result, PSG are deservedly considered to be the favorites of the upcoming game.

The main task of the guests is to score at least once and that goal will make the situation for PSG almost desperate. The defense of the Parisians couldn’t keep the attacks of the Real in the first leg game and they won’t probably keep the goal safe for 90 minutes this time either. Moreover, Ronaldo is in great conditions and Marcelo is back to the squad which makes the possibility of a goal scored by Real even bigger.

Real Madrid scored two or more goals in their 16 Champions League games of the latest 20 ones played. They also scored at least once in their latest 10 away matches in the European competition. As for the Parisians, they conceded at least one goal in 8 of the latest 9 home games played in the play-offs of the Champions League.

All of the facts we have already mentioned make us think there will be goals scored by both teams and yet the hosts will manage to avoid a loss.