England vs Italy Prediction 27 March 2018
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England vs Italy Prediction 27 March 2018

Tournament: International Friendlies
Location: Wembley Stadium
Match date: 27.03.2018 at 20:00

On March 27 2018 at 20:00 at the Wembley Stadium in London in the upcoming international friendly match the local England national team will play against Italy national team.

England started to pay much more attention to their defense as they used to have a lot of problems with it despite the fact that they have a lot of great players on those positions. Now when they are preparing for the World Cup they choose to concentrate a lot more on the cooperation of the backs. They already have some results with that as England haven’t conceded goals for five matches in a row already where they played three of those games against really strong competitors like German, Brazil and Netherlands.

While the defense of the team is comparatively strong, their attack is still on the medium level and this fact is really hard to explain. They have always had very strong attacking players. In each game they have 3 or 4 great attempts which they don’t fulfill and it’s a serious problem the manager will be definitely trying his best to solve.

As for Italy, they are in a serious crisis now. They didn’t manage to make it to the final of the World Cup and their players don’t seems to be in their best conditions. The defense of the team is far not as reliable as it used to be while the attack id comparatively efficient. It seems to us that the main task the manager will be trying to fulfill will be choosing the right squad. Anyway, the defense of the team is not so bad and that’s why they don’t really concede a lot.

Considering the fact that England have improved their conditions lately while the defense of Italy hasn’t fallen apart yet, we really think that there won’t be a lot of goals scored in the upcoming match.