West Bromwich Albion vs Liverpool Prediction 21 April 2018
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West Bromwich Albion vs Liverpool Prediction 21 April 2018

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Hawthorns Stadium
Match date: 21.04.2018 at 12:30

On April 21 2018 at 12:30 in the forthcoming match of the 35th game week of the English national elite division Premier League at the Hawthorns Stadium the local West Bromwich are playing against their guests Liverpool.

West Bromwich only have 4 matches left to outpace Swansea who are on the safe 17th position 9 points above. That’s a task which is almost impossible to fulfill. Yet, they aren’t giving up and keep on trying their best. For example, West Bromwich showed their will to win in the previous match where they outplayed Manchester United 0:1 and they did it at the Old Trafford Stadium. So, as you see, West Bromwich keep fighting until they have any mathematical chances to stay in the national elite division. And, as you see, they seem to have enough resources for it as they managed to win against one of the strongest teams of the EPL.

While West Bromwich are concentrated on the national championship matches, Liverpool are probably think about the upcoming Champions League semifinal first leg game which they are going to play on Tuesday next week. They have no obvious problems in the national elite division as they have almost reserved the place in the top four which will let them participate in the Champions League next season. Moreover, they may use rotation in the upcoming match too keep the most important players safe. That’s actually why it seems to us that Liverpool won’t be trying very hard in the forthcoming game.

One more aspect we would like to mention is that it’s always rather difficult for Liverpool to play against the teams who choose to concentrate on defense. They lost a lot of points playing against the outsiders of the league. In case West Bromwich put the bus in front of their goal, Liverpool won’t be trying very hard to score. All of the facts we have already mentioned make us think that the hosts won’t lose with a big goal difference.