Bayern Munchen vs Real Madrid Prediction 25 April 2018
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Bayern Munchen vs Real Madrid Prediction 25 April 2018

Tournament: UEFA Champions League
Location: Allianz Arena
Match date: 25.04.2018 at 19:45

On April 25 2018 at 19:45 at the Allianz Arena Stadium in Munchen in the forthcoming match of the UEFA Champions League semifinal the local Bayern are playing against Real Madrid.

Well, perhaps for the first time we must admit that there are no actual reasons to say that any of the teams is more likely to win. No analysis can get us closer to any logical assumption about the result of the forthcoming match. That’s actually why we will try to mention at least any facts which can make us think about any more probably result of the upcoming match.

Real Madrid are very calm in the currnet season. Despite the fact that they can lose to Levante in the national championship, in the Champions League they are very strong and just dominate in every match they play. Even in their away matches they are very strong and have initiative. In their latest away matches in the Champions League Real Madrid outplayed PSG 1:2 and Juventus 0:3 and they showed really great performance and motivation. It felt like they knew the result beforehand and they just started to cause more pressure just right in time.

As for Bayern, they showed that they may have some of the problems in the currnet season. The draws in the matches against Hertha 0:0 and Sevilla 0:0 make us think that they may actually have some of the troubles with their efficiency. Moreover, they are going to have some of the important players missing from the squad which may also cause some inconveniences for them.

One more thing we must admit is that Bayern haven’t actually had any serious competitors in their matches played in the Champions League as they only played against Besiktas 8:1 and Sevilla 2:1. Moreover, they have no actual competitors in the national championship either. As for Real Madrid, they played their matches against PSG and Juventus and that’s why they are much more concentrated. That’s why it actually seems to us that the visitors are very likely to avoid a loss this time.