Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid Prediction 26 April 2018
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Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid Prediction 26 April 2018

Tournament: UEFA Europa League
Location: Emirates Stadium
Match date: 25.04.2018 at 20:05

On April 26 2018 at 20:05 at the Emirates Stadium in the forthcoming match of the UEFA Europa League semifinal the local Arsenal will play against Atletico Madrid.

Something broke in the performance of Atletico not long ago. In the latest four matches they didn’t manage to win even once which means that the teams managed to find the key to the defense of Atletico. Moreover, Atletico haven’t played against very strong teams in the currnet season of the Europa League as they only had Copenhagen, Lokomotiv and Sporting from Lisboa as competitors and it seems like the conditions which can make them even more relaxed. Moreover, they got some of the problems in the national championship and it made their position in the standings even worse. Real is right next to them and the competition for the second place is still on.

Moreover, Real Madrid don’t really have any actual motivation to win in the Europa League. While the Gunners have some actual motivation as the victory in the Europa League is their only way to make it to the Champions League in the next season. Moreover, the manager of Arsenal Arsene Wenger announced that he will leave the team after the end of the season which may make Arsenal try harder to win one last trophy for him. Moreover, Arsenal scored 20 goals in the latest six matches they played at the Emirates Stadium.

There are no important players missing from the squad of the Gunners and they are extremely motivated now. These are the reasons why it seems to us that they are going to win this time or at least to avoid a loss.