Manchester United vs Arsenal Prediction 29 April 2018
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Manchester United vs Arsenal Prediction 29 April 2018

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Old Trafford Stadium
Match date: 29.04.2018 at 16:30

On April 29 2018 at 16:30 at the Old Trafford Stadium in the upcoming game of the 36th game week of the English Premier League the local Manchester United will play against their guests Arsenal.

The games between the grans of the English football are always very interesting for the fans of those teams and for the fans of the English football as whole. Despite the fact that Arsenal and Manchester United aren’t the direct competitors in the currnet season and they solve different problems, we are still expecting the upcoming match to be one of the main matches of the upcoming game week.

Manchester United are now on the second place in the national elite division and despite the fact that they no longer have any chances to win the league, they still deserve all to of respect as they were the only team of the championship who were competing with the citizens for the title. They don’t look as good in cooperation as they could be with the squad they’ve got and still they have enough time in the next season to improve this aspect and win the league.

As for Arsenal, they are having one of the worst seasons in the English national elite division during the last decade. They are now on the 6th place in the standings without any actual chances to improve that position. Yet, we must actually admit that they drew Atletico from Madrid in the first leg game of the Europa League semifinal which gives them chances to make it to the final of the competition and to make it to the champions League in the next season. One more thing we must admit is that the manager of the team is going to leave Arsenal after the end of the current season which may be the end of the era for Arsenal.

Arsenal have a lot of pressure at the end of the current season and it makes them attack really a lot which reduces the concentration of defense too. That’s why it actually seems to us that they will manage to score at least once and still they will definitely concede at least one goal.