Roma vs Liverpool Prediction 2 May 2018
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Roma vs Liverpool Prediction 2 May 2018

Tournament: UEFA Champions League
Location: Stadio Olimpico
Match date: 02.05.2018 at 19:45

On May 2 2018 at 19:45 in the forthcoming second leg game of the UEFA Champions League semifinal at the Stadio Olimpico the local Roma are playing against their guests Liverpool.

Roma look rather poor in their away matches in the Euro Cups this season. They started their play-offs rounds in the away matches three times and they lost all of these games while they managed to win all of the home ones and achieve the current stage of the competition. In the Round of 16 of the Champions League Roma played against Shakhtar 1:2 and 1:0 and only made it to the next stage due to the rule of the away goal. In the quarterfinal they came back to Barcelona after losing their away games with the 1:4 score and that’s how they created the biggest sensation of the season as they won 3:0 at home.

In the semifinal they were losing 0:5 to Liverpool at the Anfield stadium at some points and yet in the end they lost with 2:5 score and the victory with 3:0 or 4:1 score at home will let them make it to the next stage once again. Despite all of their successful games in the Champions League at the Stadio Olimpico, we still can’t say that they are very good playing at home. In their 9 home games played at the domestic stadium they only won five times and lost four times this year.

As for Liverpool, they are going through the play-offs very well in fact. In the Round of 16 they didn’t even notice Porto as they outplayed them 5:0 and after that drew 0:0 while in the quarterfinal they unexpectedly easily won against Manchester City 3:0 and 2:1. In the first round game of the current stage they were also dominating on the pitch. Liverpool won all of their away matches played in the current year in the Euro Cups. Moreover, they have already played 10 away matches in the year 2018 where they won six times, drew twice and lost twice.

Liverpool are much stronger at home than in their away matches while Roma have already proved that they are able to overcome any handicap playing with their domestic fans watching. It seems to us that the Italians will win in the upcoming match but the English will still go to Kyiv.