Levante vs Barcelona Prediction 13 May 2018
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Levante vs Barcelona Prediction 13 May 2018

Tournament: Spanish Primera
Location: Stadio Ciudad de Valencia
Match date: 13.05.2018 at 19:45

On May 13 2018 at 19:45 in the upcoming match of the 37th game week of the Spanish Primera Division at the Stadio Ciudad de Valencia the local Levante will play against their guests Barcelona.

Levante have four matches long winning series and they gained 23 points in their 10 latest games (which is just one point less than Barcelona got). That wonderful series let Levante rise to the 16th place and now they are 14 points above the relegation zone and 14 points below the Euro Cups zone. Anyway, their winning series is supposed to be broken soon as they will be visited by the champions of the country Barcelona. Levante lost almost all of their games played against Barcelona in the national elite division and it will probably happen once again.

In case Barcelona want to go the season without losses at all, they need to avoid losses playing against Levante and Real Sociedad and that’s the task they are definitely able to fulfill. At the moment the Bluegranas are in wonderful conditions. They won the national cup not long ago and won the Primera. In case they score six goals in the remaining two games, they will have 100 goals scored during the season. So, as you see, the Catalonians have enough tasks in the final games of the season.

Barcelona are the absolute favorites of the upcoming match and the only question that remains is rather they will be saving energy or spending it and trying to score a lot of goals. They will probably get their three points anyway.