Southampton vs Manchester City Prediction 13 May 2018
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Southampton vs Manchester City Prediction 13 May 2018

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: St. Mary’s Stadium
Match date: 13.05.2018 at 15:00

On May 13 2018 at 15:00 at the Saint Mary’s Stadium in the forthcoming match of the last 38th game week of the English Premier League the local Southampton are playing against the champions of the league Manchester City.

Both teams have already fulfilled their tasks for the current season and they are no longer motivated to fight. Yet, we are sure that the game will still be rather interesting for the fans of the teams. Southampton outplayed Swansea 1:0 in the latest game of the EPL which let them gain enough points to stay in the national elite division. In generals, we can say that the Saints had a rather poor season and yet they didn’t seem to deserve relegation that’s why it seems to us that the result of the season is fair enough.

As for Manchester City, they had a wonderful season in the national championship as they won it with wonderful results. Even though they failed in the Champions League they still had a very solid season. At the moment they have 97 points gained with the phenomenal 105:27 goal difference. They have already beaten the record of the English Premier League in the number of points gained during one season and they still have one extra match to play.

Manchester City are obviously eager to gain 100 points in their great champions’ season and they need to win in the next match to achieve that wonderful result. As for Southampton, they tried very hard in their latest matches and they don’t seem to have any strength and emotions left to try and resist the Citizens. That’s why we think that the visitors are much more likely to win in the upcoming match and to finish the season with the great result.