Barcelona vs Real Sociedad Prediction 20 May 2018
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Barcelona vs Real Sociedad Prediction 20 May 2018

Tournament: Spanish Primera
Location: Camp Nou Stadium
Match date: 20.05.2018 at 19:45

On May 20 2018 at 19:45 at the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona in the upcoming match of the Spanish Primera the local Barcelona are playing against their guests Real Sociedad. That game will be the last one in the current season of the Spanish Primera.

Unfortunately Barcelona didn’t manage to go through all of the season without any losses at all. They lost to the modest Levante. That match probably gave Ernesto Valverde a lot of things to think of and to correct all of the mistakes before the upcoming season or they can already try to correct those mistakes before the upcoming match against Real Sociedad to finish the season with a great result with their domestic fans watching. Moreover, in case they score this time, they will be able to finish the season with the result of 100 goals scored during one championship.

As for the Basks, they are in the middle of the standings now and they take the 10th place with 49 points gained. They won’t be able to make it to the Euro Cups zone and neither can they lose their place in the national elite division. As you see, they are no longer motivated to gain points and they can only will to show good result playing against the champions of the league Barcelona. Yet, it will be extremely difficult for the basks to even draw as they have only gained 16 points in their 18 matches played away from home.

Barcelona are to rehabilitate after their loss in the previous match and to finish the season with the good result. That’s going to be the match between the team with one of the best attacks and the team with one of the worst defenses. And that’s why it seems to us that there will be comparatively a lot of goals scored this time.