Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction 26 May 2018
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Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction 26 May 2018

Tournament: Champions League
Location: NSK Olimpijskyj
Match date: 26.05.2018 at 19:45

On May 26 2018 at 19:45 at the NSK Olimpijskyj in Kyiv in the most important club game of the season the final of the UEFA Champions League Real Madrid are playing against Liverpool.

We must admit that these teams have 17 victories in the competition. Will Real Madrid win their next title or will Liverpool rehabilitate for all of the previous unlucky seasons? We will see really soon.

At the very beginning of the season Real Madrid chose to concentrate on the Champions League as they got some of the problems in the national championship. They have been on the fourth position in the standings of the La Liga and yet at the end of the season they made it to the third place. They were also kicked-off from the Copa del Rey by Leganes. Yet in the Champions League they outplayed the strong Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Bayer Munich and Cristiano Ronaldo scored at least once in all of the games except the semifinals. In case Real Madrid win this time, that Champions League title will be the 13th one in the history for them and the third one in a row. Before that only Bayern and Ajax achieved something like that in the 70s of the previous century. We think that they will try to achieve it once again to repeat and the success of the German and Dutch teams.

They will probably try to continue some kind of a hegemonic of the Spanish teams. Since the year 2014 eight of nine of the Euro Trophies were won by the Spanish teams as Real Madrid won the Champions League three times, Barcelona won that trophy once, Sevilla won the Europa League three times and Atletico did it once. Only Manchester United were that singe exception in the 2017 when they won the Europa League.  

Liverpool started their way in the Champions League in the play-offs round of the qualification. In the play-offs they easily outplayed Hoffenheim and at the group stage they won playing against Sevilla, Spartak and Maribor. In the Round of 16 Liverpool met a comparatively easy competition Porto and after that they had to face one of the strongest teams of Europe Manchester City. Yet, they managed to win 3:0 and 2:1 and made it to the semifinal without any obvious problems and after that they won against Roma 7:6 in their two matches played.  The attack of Liverpool is their best part as they have bitten the record on the number of goals scored during one season in the Champions League as they have already scored 29 goals.

On the other hand, Real Madrid have much more experience in the finals of the international competitions. It’s only the second time the current generation of Liverpool has such an experience. The previous time was in the year 2016 when they lost to Sevilla 1:3 in the final of the Europa League. At the moment, when the forwards of Liverpool are in wonderful conditions and the defenders of Real make a lot of mistakes, the Reds have really good chances to make win the most prestigious Euro Cup.

We think that Liverpool will try to get the initiative at the very start of the match and their strategy will be to score a fast goal. We almost have no doubts that Real Madrid will manage to avoid conceding. Yet, the players of the Zidane’s side are in wonderful conditions. Moreover, it seems to us that in the last few years the experience of the team became a crucial factor in their success of the teams in the Euro Cups. That’s they it seems to us that Real Madrid have a bit more chances to win in the upcoming match.