Azerbaijan vs Kyrgyzstan Prediction 29 May 2018
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Azerbaijan vs Kyrgyzstan Prediction 29 May 2018

Tournament: International Friendlies
Location: Baki Olimpiya Stadionu
Match date: 29.05.2018 at 17:00

On May 29 2018 at 17:00 at the Baki Olimpiya Stadionu in Baku in the upcoming international friendly match Azerbaijan national team will play against Kyrgyzstan national team.

Azerbaijan have been competing for making it to the international forums for many years and yet they are still really far from the success like that. The whole sphere of football is developing really slowly and not in a convincing way. The players of the national team don’t participate in the top championships and that’s why it’s pretty hard to solve any real tournament tasks with the squad they already have. They are now on the 126 place in the standings of the FIFA rankings for the international teams which seems like a horrible result for them. In the previous games Azerbaijan drew Macedonia 1:1 and Moldova 0:0 and lost to Belarus 0:1.

As for Kyrgyzstan, they aren’t very famous with the football fans as they have been showing really poor performance for many years and they aren’t likely to have any resources to solve their problems and improve the situation. The squad of the team isn’t really adequate for fighting for any real trophies and that’s why the fans almost don’t support them and don’t expect them to show good performance. In their latest games Kyrgyzstan outplayed Indian 2:1 and Myanmar 5:1 and also left no chances for Brunei 4:0.

Last time Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan met they drew without scoring a signal goal. At the moment the level of the hosts seem like the higher one as they usually participate in the qualifications for the international forums and they play against the professional football teams. That’s actually why it seems to us that they are much more likely to win this time.