Denmark vs Mexico Prediction 9 June 2018
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Denmark vs Mexico Prediction 9 June 2018

Tournament: International Friendlies
Location: Brondby Stadium
Match date: 09.06.2018 at 19:00

On June 9 2018 at 19:00 at the Brondby Stadium in the upcoming international friendly match the local Denmark national football team will play against Mexico national team.

Denmark have only played one friendly game right before the World Cup and it was played on Stockholm against Sweden. The leader of the team Ericson didn’t play in that match which obviously influenced the performance of the team. Without him the team looked rather poor in attack and the fact that the match finished with the goalless draw wasn’t surprising at all. There is still some hope that they will manage to be a bit more aggressive at least in the domestic match.

As for Mexico, they have been in rather good conditions during the last two months as they have played two friendly matches in May and June which makes their tonus better than the Denmark’s one. First Mexico drew Wales without scoring a single goal and after that they outplayed Scotland 1:0 at the domestic stadium. It’s surprising that they didn’t miss a single goal in those matches which isn’t usual for them. We should also admit that the attack of Mexico is rather strong and that’s why we think that they will probably manage to score this time. We really think that Mexico are planning on training how to act in the match against Sweden at the group stage of the World Cup.

Denmark will definitely be trying their best to win at the domestic pitch and they will be trying to attack in short periods, not all the time. As for Mexico, they also have a few creative forwards in the squad and they will definitely create some of the chances and will probably manage to fulfill some of them.