Germany vs Mexico Prediction 17 June 2018
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Germany vs Mexico Prediction 17 June 2018

Tournament: World Cup 2018
Location: Stadion Luzhniki, Moskva
Match date: 17.06.2018 at 16:00

On June 17 2018 at 16:00 at the Stadion Luzhniki in Moskva in the upcoming first round match of the World Cup group stage of the Group F Germany national team will play against Mexico national team. Germany are the current champions of the world while Mexico are known to be really stubborn and solid and they will definitely fight against him.

Bundesteam are traditionally extremely strong in the first matches of the World Cup. In the year 2002 they outplayed Saudi Arabia 8:0, in 2006 they won against Costa Rica 4:2, in 2010 they won against Australia 4:0 and in 2014 they won against Portugal with the same huge score. Yet, this time they may not be able to do it with such a big score once again. At the moment they seem to be in some particular crisis and before the World Cup they didn’t manage to win in any of his latest five friendly games in a row. Moreover, the conditions of their leaders are far from perfect.

As for Mexico, they made an emphasis on their defense. They have only missed three goals in their latest five friendlies. Moreover, these were the goals by only one team. It will be much more difficult for Mexico to play against Germany compared to the matches against Scotland and Wales and yet they are supposed to be very calm and confident on their half of the pitch and hope for their main forward Chicharito.

Germany seem to have an advantage this time as they are extremely experienced and they are sued to starting their matches at the World Cup with extremely convincing scores. Yet, we don’t think that anything like that will happen once again as Mexico know how to defend their goal and the fact that Germany aren’t in their best conditions. Anyway, we still think that the Europeans are much more likely to win this time.