Tunisia vs England Prediction 18 June 2018
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Tunisia vs England Prediction 18 June 2018

Tournament: World Cup 2018
Location: Volgograd Arena
Match date: 18.06.2018 at 19:00

On June 18 2018 at the Volgograd Arena in the first round match of the Group G of the World Cup Tunisia national team will play against England national team. England haven’t achieved anything outstanding for many years and this time they are obviously extremely motivated to do it again.

Tunisia qualified for the World Cup without any serious problems where they haven’t participated of 12 years. Their group doesn’t seem to be very difficult and yet they still have their chances to make it to the play-offs of the competition. They need to outplay Panama and to avoid losing in the games against England and Belgium. In case they show their best, they will be able to achieve this result. Moreover, they hadn’t lost in their friendly games for a year before the loss to Spain in the last match before the World Cup.

As for England, they are going to have a very serious challenge this time which is to show as good result as they can at the upcoming World Cup. At the previous World Cup in 2014 the Three Lions didn’t manage to make it to the play-offs and before that they were outplayed by Germany in 2010 in the Round of 16. This time Gareth Southgate managed to create a real strong and ambitious team which is supposed to show its best pretty soon. England don’t usually win with too big scores and yet this time their class is much higher compared to the class of Tunisia.

England are considered to be the absolute favorites of the upcoming match. The victory against Tunisia will be very important for them as it’s just the first match and it’s better to win in it to be a bit more secure in their group. We think that Southgate’s side will score a few goals and yet not too many.