Serbia vs Switzerland Prediction 22 June 2018
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Serbia vs Switzerland Prediction 22 June 2018

Tournament: World Cup 2018
Location: Kaliningrad Stadium
Match date: 22.06.2018 at 19:00

On June 22 2018 at 19:00 at the Kaliningrad Stadium in the forthcoming match of the Group stage second round of the World Cup in Russia Serbia national football team will play against Switzerland national football team. Both of the teams are considered to be the main favorites for the second position in the Group E. the ones who win will improve their chances of making it to the play-offs significantly.

Serbia are in a better position before that upcoming match as they had a very good start outplaying Costa Rica. Their next competitors will be much more difficult to outplay. Anyway, Serbia seem to be in wonderful conditions and mood and they will be fighting fierily for the opportunity to make it to the next stage of the competition. And they are definitely ready to play against the competitors who are more experienced.

The draw in the match against Brazil in the first round of the group stage was a very good result for Switzerland, of course. Yet, that achievement will be wasted in case they lose to Serbia this time. That’s why we think that Switzerland will be trying their best to win this time. Moreover, Switzerland are known to mostly make it to the play-offs of the international forums and they will definitely be eager to keep that tradition this time again.

The bookmakers consider Switzerland to be the favorites of the upcoming match mostly due to the fact that they are a bit more experienced in the international competitions. Yet, the young Serbian national team won’t give up easily. Both of the teams will be fighting hard on each part of the pitch and the result will mostly depend on how the teams will be organized in the middle. Anyway, we think that Switzerland have a bit more chances to avoid a loss.