Spain vs Morocco Prediction 25 June 2018
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Spain vs Morocco Prediction 25 June 2018

Tournament: World Cup 2018
Location: Kaliningrad Stadium
Match date: 25.06.2018 at 19:00

On June 25 2018 at 19:00 at the Kaliningrad Stadium in the upcoming match of the third round of the World Cup group stage Spain national football team will play against Morocco national football team. That’s the match between the favorites and the underdogs of the group. Spain have already made it to the next stage of the competition and now they only need to prove their status and the skill playing against Morocco who have a very solid defense.

Spain gained four points in their previous matches and now they share the first place in the group with Portugal. In the latest match Furia Roja outplayed Iran with 0:1 score. Their competitors in the next match have already lost their chances to make it further and now they will probably play without trying to concentrate on defense too much. That is probably a good chance for Spain to show the way their forwards can cooperate and to score a lot of goals.

After the failure in the first match against Iran as they lost because of an autogoal scored on the last minutes of the game, Morocco predictably lost to the current champions of Europe Portugal with 0:1 score. Now Renar’s side has no chances to make it to the play-offs of the competition at all. They won’t be able to leave the last place of the group either. Morocco have a few great players in their squad and they will probably try their best to finish the competition with a good result.

The goal of Spain is obviously to make it to the play-offs from the first place in the group. They need to outplay Morocco with as big goal difference as they can to achieve it. Considering the way most of the teams play at the ongoing international forum, we really don’t expect the teams to score a lot of goals. Yet, Furia Roja are still very likely to achieve the result they need.