Croatia vs Denmark Prediction 1 July 2018
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Croatia vs Denmark Prediction 1 July 2018

Tournament: World Cup 2018
Location: Stadion Nizhny Novgorod
Match date: 01.07.2018 at 19:00

On July 1 2018 at 19:00 at the Stadion Nizhny Novgorod in the upcoming regular match of the Round of 16 of the World Cup in Russia Croatia national football team will play against Denmark national football team. Croatia seem to be a lot stronger due to their high-quality players in the squad and yet Denmark are able to make the difference due to the fact that they are very disciplined on each part of the pitch.

Croatia looked really convincing at the group stage of the competition as they easily outplayed all of their competitors despite their level and class. They won against the promising Nigeria, the finalists of the previous World Cup Argentina 3:0 and the beginner of the World Cups Iceland 2:1. The midfielders of Croatia are considered to be one of the best in the world and their good goalkeeper and experienced defenders only improve the overall impression. Croatia seems to be one of the teams which are able to achieve a lot at the ongoing World Cup.

As for Denmark, they made it to the Round of 16 of the competition without any serious problems. They played really carefully in all of their matches and consequently they drew Australia and France and outplayed Peru. They look a bit not as strong as Croatia do and yet they hope for the Tottenham midfielder Cristian Erikson who is able to make the difference all alone.

Croatia seem to be a bit stronger this time and yet they may be not able to show their best in the fourth game in a row. They will probably play to win but not trying too hard yet. Considering the fact that Denmark know how to defend, we think that there won’t be a lot of goals scored this time.