Russia vs Croatia Prediction 7 July 2018
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Russia vs Croatia Prediction 7 July 2018

Tournament: World Cup 2018
Location: Olimpiyskiy Stadion Fisht, Sochi
Match date: 07.07.2018 at 19:00

On July 7 2018 at 19:00 at the Olimpiyskiy Stadion Fisht in Sochi in the upcoming match of the World Cup quarterfinal the hosts of the competition Russia will play against Croatia national football team.

That’s already huge success for Russia to make it this far at the World Cup, in fact. They are obviously playing on the top of their possibilities and they deserve respect for this. Anyway, they only had one game of 4 already played where they didn’t miss a single goal and it was in the match against Saudi Arabia who are considered to be the outsiders of the competition. In the rest of the matches they couldn’t avoid missing goals despite the fact that they played we.

During the last year Russia played 14 matches including the friendly ones and they missed at least once in 13 of them. They also missed at least one goal in all of the 8 latest games at the World Cups and all of the latest 8 games at the Euros.

All of these facts aren’t supposed to make the Russians very optimistic against the team like Croatia which is extremely strong in attack. We must also remind you another important fact. Two of the most important defenders of Russia are over 30 years old while one of them is almost 40. They both played almost without any substitutions while Croatia had an opportunity to play their last match in the group almost with the second squad without trying very hard.

None of the teams Croatia played against at the World Cup managed to avoid conceding goals in the games against them. They scored 8 goals in 4 matches and those goals were scored by 6 different footballers which means that’s it’s really hard to understand which of the players is the most dangerous one and consequently it’s hard to prepare for the attacks of Croatia. Moreover, the manager of Croatia is ready for variations and that’s what mostly helps them win.

The variation is what makes Croatia a much more difficult competitor compared to Spain. Spain kept on doing what didn’t work at first and the Russians can’t expect Croatia to do the same. Croatians are much more variable and 90 minutes will be enough for them to find the key to the defense of Russia.

Well, as you see, Croatia has a lot of advantages in that upcoming match. They are very likely to be the first to score and in case they score before the 60th minute, they will probably score again as Russia will have to open up and attack more. And the Argentinians may tell us which happens in the situations like that.